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Company Overview

The Ace Card Company is one of the oldest manufacturer of plastic playing cards in India. The company has been printing playing cards since 1960. Earlier based in New Delhi, we have recently moved our manufacturing plant to a much larger production unit at the Electronic City, Noida. Another manufacturing unit with a covered area of more than 60,000 sq ft has started production in Greater Noida, very close to the present production plant. Managed by a team of professionals, we make sure that all requirements of our customers are given top priority. We are a customer-centric company and pride ourselves for providing the best value for your money. All our playing cards and products are backed by our warranty, which we consider critically important part of our obligation to the buyer.

We sell our products through distributors to casinos, poker rooms and bridge clubs across the globe. Our company has enjoyed a fast rate of growth in the last few years, accelerated by our reputation for quality and integrity in the industry. We take pride in the fact that most of our card business is from repeat orders. Our production plant has kept pace with the rapidly changing business environment to provide still better services through increased accuracy and zero defect quality and workmanship. All our products are produced to the highest international standards. Quality, Productivity and Technology are the three core areas that we consider critical in the growth of our company. Customer Satisfaction is our strength as we are able control the manufacturing of all the components for your cards at very competitive prices, while making sure that the product quality is better than the best available in the industry. We are more flexible in developing products, more reliable in meeting deadlines, and more competitive in our pricing strategies.

Our large and repeat clientèle spread over 40 countries speaks about the quality of our products. Our efforts at 20 international exhibitions have been paid off through entry into newer markets each time. All our efforts are driven towards delivering value products and customer satisfaction.


Our printing unit is equipped with large format offset printing machines from KBA, Germany. A single large format KBA RAPIDA 105 offset machine can print about 12000 sheets per hour. Each sheet holds almost 110 cards of Poker size. Our coating machines can handle the same format sheet sizes at a speed of about 12000 sheets per hour. The automatic punching machines that complete the cutting/collating process can handle almost all production of the printing machines on a day to day basis. Different card sizes require different setups on the cutting machines. Cutting of cards and collating the same is done automatically. Our cutting collating machines are set to make Bride and Poker size plastic playing cards to perfection.

Our skilled staff makes it a point that most of the production is completed on schedule. Running to double shift at the production plant, we have the capacities to complete any complex production job within record time. This is made possible by the staff members as each stage of the job is detailed to every department before the job goes into production.

We make plastic playing cards for clients across the world with customer specific artworks as well. Working with us, you will find that we are closer to you than the manufacturer next door. We may be oceans apart, but our feedback and response is quicker than what you may expect. At The Ace Card Company, the pre-press department makes it a point to forward all proofs within 2 working days of receiving artworks, for client approvals. Once approved, we make sure that the job goes to press within the next 72 hrs. With proper curing time given to the printed sheets, these are further moved to coating with specially developed coatings that are required on the card packs to get the highest quality slip that makes our plastic playing cards fan out like paper cards. The full production process is completed in-house. We print, cure, do coatings, cut, collate, cello wrap and pack the cards under one roof under temperature controlled conditions, all of which makes us offer high quality packs. As we are just 20 kilometers away from the International Airport, thus air shipments can be shipped even at a short notice, to any destination across the world. Our tie up with the most reputed shipping lines ensure that your products reach you on time. All shipments leave the factory warehouse fully insured up to your city CFS. All tuck boxes, inner boxes, inner master cartons, outer cartons, outer master cartons are made up of export worthy materials. This ensures that no sea shipment is effected by any change in the climatic conditions during the shipping period. We will make sure that all our customers receive the quality that they expect from our company. For we want to be known as the best across the world.


The quality of our products is very important for us. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Every aspect of production will have quality checks. As all our products are for casinos, poker rooms and bridge clubs thus it is very important that every stage of production goes through rigorous “QC” and “QA”, starting with the sheet quality to the inks and coating being used ending till the shipper cartons for dispatch. We have put systems in place that ensure that quality is top priority. Different raw materials are used in the production process. All the plastic sheets used for playing cards are made of the best material and are imported from different parts of Europe and Japan. We make sure that the card stock is stored in temperature controlled environment for a minimum 10 days after import, as sheets need proper seasoning when moved from one place to another.

This sheets that we use are made of special plastic and have a particular snap that makes our card packs a favourite among dealers. The inks and chemicals used during printing are non-toxic with no lead content. Most of the inks used at our production plant are imported from Japan and Europe from third party suppliers. We are one of the few manufacturers to have specially developed coatings to get a high slip on plastic playing cards. All packaging material is checked for consistency in quality.

We use a single source to procure all card stock for different type of tuck boxes. The fiber content of this card stock is such that the outer packaging of the cards can sustain excess heat thus increasing product life. Apart from the “QC” check on the raw materials that we consume at our manufacturing plant, we also make sure that the production standards are kept high. It is for the quality of our products that we have been cutting all cards on automatic punching machines. While most of the manufacturers use a cutting process where they cut almost 10 to 20 decks of cards through a single cut, we use the automatic punch process, which is used by just a few manufacturers worldwide. Here, each and every card of the deck is cut individually. This enables us to get that smooth finish with accurate and exact corners. You will not find any deck with protruding edges. Quality is a priority for us.


Keeping abreast with the latest changes in the industry is very important. The latest KBA 105 printing machines are installed at the press floor. All jobs are printed through CTP (computer to plate) printing process which gives excellent print results. The CTP process with FM DOT ensures that we get the finest resolution and print fidelity as it gives superior dot reproduction for precise print management and brilliant color reproduction. We strive to keep our printing processes as “green” as possible. Our inks are non-toxic, vegetable-based, and we print without the use of alcohol in the fountain solutions of our presses. Alcohol is a traditional wetting agent in printing, but we have eliminated it because it releases harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Through our upgrades, we have significantly cut the amount of press solvent used by our company. Aqueous and UV coatings are done through the most eco-friendly coaters that enable us to get precise coating weight on each sheet through Anilox rollers. This enables us to get the same quality and feel for any number of sheets. Technology does make a vast difference in the quality of a deck as the snap and slip on our cards will last longer than any other deck.

One of the major reasons for our cards to be better in quality than another brand is that they last longer in game play. Our cards will not get sticky, even after any number of games you may play. We have come up with the best quality coatings with in-house R & D. Cutting and collating of our card decks is also an area where technology has helped. We cut all cards through the punch process whereby each and every card is cut individually and yet the cutting plant is able to keep pace with the huge print production capacities. Our cutting/collating plant is able to detect missing cards on a deck.

Automatic packing into tuck boxes is available for standard card decks. Cello wrapping of these decks is again an automatic process whereby each deck gets properly sealed before it leaves assembly. We offer the highest quality of products at the absolute best price. We take pride in the fact that we are devoted to service and integrity. We pledge to satisfy our most valuable asset, our customers, with the upmost sense of professionalism, efficiency and competence.