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We Make - PLATINUM BRAND- Plastic Playing Cards

We Sell through Distributors, to Casinos, Poker Rooms and Bridge Clubs.
Poker Room cards are not available to Casinos or Bridge Clubs.
Similarly, Bridge Club playing cards are different from Casino or Poker Room cards.

These products are available exclusively to the above 3 lines of trade.
PLATINUM Brand 100% Plastic Playing Cards are not sold to Retailers, Stores or Consumers.

PLATINUM 100% Plastic Playing Cards fan out just like paper playing cards.
These cards slip, snap and feel like paper cards. However, being plastic they last much longer.

PLATINUM Playing Cards are compatible with automatic shufflers.
These cards are available in Narrow 2.25" x 3.5" Bridge size as well as the Wide 2.5" x 3.5" Poker size.

PLATINUM Brand 100% Plastic Playing Cards are economically priced.

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Carefully packed for safe transportation to any destination.
We can deliver directly to your City CFS, Intl. Airport, Doorstep.
Worlds best available State of the Art manufacturing machines.
Prices better that local suppliers. Extra value of your money.